Land Arts of the American West provides a unique opportunity for participating artists to experience the Southwestern bioregion, environment, and communities through one-on-one experiential processes while working individually and collaboratively on creative embodied projects, research, and artistic experiments. In 2018, artists engaged in a wide variety of topics through interdisciplinary creative approaches. These included: rights of nature, more-than-human kinship, eco-critical creativity, sustainability/bioremediation, life cycles, nature + poetry, and environmental justice. The following images are in-process documents from these Field Investigations, ensuing creative research, and finished projects.

Participating Student Artists:

Sarah Canelas

Brionna Garcia

Erin Gould

Xena Gurule

Kyle Holub

nicholas b. jacobsen

Blaise Koller

Rowan Willow

Jessica Zeglin

Partners and Collaborators:

Mario Atencio

Tiana Baca

Borderlands Restoration Network

Asha Canalos

Francisco Cantú


Francisco Letelier

Christine Mackey

Perin McNelis

Sarah Montgomery

Daniel Tso

Beata Tsosie-Peña

Karima Walker

Jonah Yellowman

LAAW student nicholas b jacobsen performs a guided meditation with Blaise Koller and Brionna Garcia, Muley Point, Utah

A latex mold of aspen tree bark, Erin Gould

Plant materials gathered and processed for making paper, Xena Gurule

A work in progress by nicholas b. jacobsen

Gradiations of a day at Muley Point, in watercolor by Brionna Garcia

A collaborative assembly created by Erin Gould and Rowan Willow in the RioGrande headwaters

nicholas b. jacobsen, cloth and wind

Blaise Koller processing clay found in the Rio Grande Headwaters

LAAW student Jessica Zeglin records the cliff’s edge atmospheres of Muley Point, Utah.

An evening projection by Rowan Willow

Xena Gurule, Rio Grande Headwaters, Colorado

Assemblage and photograph, Rowan Willow

Found clay transformed into a small vessel, Xena Gurule

Jessica Zeglin records riverflow.