LAAW offers alternating courses—

Fall // Creative Agroecologies
Spring // Relational Ecologies

For either course, students enroll in a Seminar (3 credits) and Field Lab (3 credits), for a total of 6 credits per semester. Students may choose to take LAAW in the Fall, Spring, or both.

Creative Argoecologies (6 credits)

This course offers field-based creative research and practice rooted in agroecology and food justice. Field labs are conducted over several long weekends, while students collaborate on community engaged projects and produce artwork for a professional exhibition. This course is offered during the Fall Semester.

Relational Ecologies (6 credits)

This course offers field-based creative research and practice through embodied ecology focused on bioregional environmental issues. Field labs are conducted during Spring Break and over several long weekends. Students will produce experimental artwork in the field and final projects will be presented during a public symposium. This course is offered during the Spring Semester.


What is the application process?2022-05-14T23:37:45+00:00

Enrollment in LAAW courses requires special instructor permission. To apply and be enrolled, you must attend one of the LAAW informational meetings—which are held in the spring and the fall—and/or be in contact with Land Arts faculty. So, send us (Jeanette Hart-Mann or Ryan Henel) an email to introduce yourself and find out about the next informational meeting. You can also follow LAAW on social media for information about upcoming meetings: Facebook or Instagram.

Do I have to be an artist?2022-05-13T19:05:03+00:00

No. LAAW welcomes creative practitioners, scholars, and excited inquiring minds from all walks of life! 

Students from Biology, Sustainability, Landscape Architecture, Honors, and Community and Regional Planning can sign up through cross-listed courses in their Departments.


What if I’m not a UNM student?2022-05-14T23:37:35+00:00

No problem! You can register at UNM as a non-degree student and take LAAW courses. You can find more information here.


What is the program’s time commitment?2022-04-25T22:08:37+00:00

Seminars are in person at UNM Main Campus once a week and Field Labs require students to travel over long weekends and during UNM’s Fall and Spring Break.


Are the courses for graduate or undergraduate students?2022-04-08T00:22:31+00:00

Both! The LAAW program is available for graduate and undergraduate students.

How much does the program cost?2022-05-14T23:36:24+00:00

Students pay for 6 credit hours of tuition, along with a $755 Course Fee to cover all Field Lab and travel costs per semester. Tuition costs are dependent on your residency status. You can find more information here


Are there scholarships available?2022-04-08T00:03:12+00:00

Yes. LAAW offers both a Diversity Scholarship and Needs-Based Scholarship.

  • Land Arts of the American West, with support from Lannan Foundation, is offering scholarship funding to support undergraduate and graduate indigenous students, students of color, and underrepresented minorities participating in Land Arts of the American West program courses.
  • Land Arts of the American West is offering needs-based scholarships in support of undergraduate and graduate students participating in Land Arts of the American West program courses.



Will I have to provide my own gear?2021-08-13T17:29:45+00:00

Yes. You will need some basic camp equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, pad, and other personal items. LAAW provides the rest—including transportation, remote kitchen facilities, solar powered field technology and equipment, and more.

To apply, or if you have further questions—


Jeanette Hart-Mann, Director LAAW Program

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