We partner with local communities, organizations, activists, artists, and scholars—

who become our guides in place. Our partners deepen our inquiries and experiences while shedding light on some of the most pressing ecological issues of our times. We travel together, work side by side exploring creative land-based practices, and attend workshops, lectures, and screenings privileging local perspectives and the wisdom of place. Many of these partners also collaborate on projects with us, in their community, out in the field, and beyond.

LAAW Partners

Craig Allen //Forest Biologist

Tori Arpad //Artist

Etta Arviso //Diné Elder

Mario Atencio //Activist and Scholar

Tiana Baca //Seed Steward and Farmer

Steve Badgett & Matt Lynch of Simparch //Artists

Subhankar Banerjee //Artist, Activist, and Scholar

Biocultura //Arts Organization

Alan Boldon //Artist

Borderlands Restoration Network

Malcolm Benally //Activist and Filmmaker

Jerry Brody //Archeologist

Kaitlyn Bryson //Artist

Asha Canalos //Artist

Francisco Cantú //Writer

Armando Carlos & the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association //Organizers

Center for Environmental Resource Management, University of Texas, El Paso

Perry Charlie //Scientist

Scott Chaskey //Poet and Farmer

Valer Clark //Rancher and Ecological Restorationist

Matt Coolidge & the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) //Artist

Annie Danis //Artist and Archaeologist

William deBuys //Writer

Sunny Dooley //Diné Storyteller

Joerael Elliot //Artist

Larry Emerson //Diné Elder and Farmer

John Fleck //Writer

Bill Fox //Writer

Carol Fugagli //River Ecologist

Graciela Martinez & Hector Gallegos //Ceramicists

Brionna Garcia //Artist

Mary Lewis-Garcia //Ceramicist

Bill Gilbert //Artist

Joel Glanzberg //Permaculturist

Lori Glover //Writer

Michael Govan //Director of LACMA

Alicia Guzman //Writer

Catherine Harris //Artist

Steve Harris //River Ecologist

Basia Irland //Artist

KB Jones //Artist

L.E.A.P/NeoRio //Arts Organization

Ruth Le Gear //Artist

Su-Ying Lee and Xenia Benivolski of the Feminist Art Museum //Artists

Francisco Letelier //Artist

Lucy Lippard //Writer

Jack Loeffler //Artist and Storyteller

Josie Lopez //Art Historian and Curator

Los Jardines Institute //Community Organization

Roberto Lujan //Activist

Orien MacDonald //Craftsperson

Christine Mackey //Artist

Enrique Madrid //Teacher

Bev Magennis //Ceramicist

Patrick Manning //Artist

José Manuel //Rancher

Perin McNelis //Dancer and Ecological Restorationist

Todd Miller //Writer

Sarah Montgomery //Farmer and Activist

Allegra Mount //Botanist and Ceramicist

Museum of Southwestern Biology

Andrea Nasher //Writer

David Naranjo //Artist

Michael Scialdoni //New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

Gil Nogolé //Artist

Nils Norman //Artist

Northern Diné Youth Committee //Farmers and Community Organizers

Adrian Ogelsby //Water Lawyer

Chrissie Orr //Artist

Erika Osborne //Artist

Judith Phillips //Landscape Designer and Writer

Ryan Pierce //Artist

Kendra Pinto //Activist and Community Organizer

Andrea Polli //Artist

Heike Qualitz //Artist

Lucy Raven //Artist

Matthew Rangel //Artist

Dorothy Redhorse //Community Organizer

John Reid //Artist

Ann Reynolds //Writer

Anna Rondon //Community Health Advocate

Teri Rueb //Artist

Samuel Sage //Activist and Community Organizer

Roberto Salas and Centro Artistico y Cultural //Artist

Santa Fe Art Institute //Arts Organization

Alyce Santoro //Artist

SeedBroadcast //Arts Organization

Eileen Shendo //Activist

Kathleen Shields //Writer

Buster Simpson //Artist

Kathleen Shields //Writer

Anna Sofaer //Artist

Andrea Steves (FICTILIS) //Artist

John Stokes //Teacher

Marianne Stockebrand //Writer

Amanda Stuart //Artist

David Taylor //Artist

Mary Tsiongas //Artist

Daniel Tso //Activist and Community Organizer

Beata Tsosie-Peña //Doala and Activist

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge

Karima Walker //Artist

Henry Walt //Artist

Syrus Marcus Ware //Artist

Marzena Wasikowska //Artist

Melisse Watson //Artist

Denyce White //Activist and Community Organizer

Cedra Wood //Artist

Jonah Yellowman //Activist and Diné Elder

Blaine Young //Artist

Amelia Zaraftis //Artist

Nancy Zastudil //Writer