Land Arts of the American West provides a unique opportunity for participating artists to experience the Southwestern bioregion, environment, and communities through one-on-one experiential processes while working individually and collaboratively on creative embodied projects, research, and artistic experiments. In 2016, artists engaged in a wide variety of topics through interdisciplinary creative approaches. These included: ghost water/water rights, more-than-human kinship, eco-critical creativity, sustainability/bioremediation, life cycles, nature + poetry, and environmental justice. The following images are in-process documents from these Field Investigations, ensuing creative research, and finished projects.

Participating Student Artists:

Kaitlin Bryson

Hollis Moore

Nancy Dewhurst

Hamshya Rajkumar

Molly Zimmer

Rachel Zollinger

Participating Santa Fe Art Institute Water Rights Resident Artists

Joerael Elliot

Ruth Le Gear

Annie Danis

Andrea Steves

Stilts, Nancy Dewhurst, Rio Grande Headwaters, Colorado

Weaving, Kaitlin Bryson and Hamshya Rajkumar, Headwaters of Rio Grande, Colorado

Collaborative Dyeing, Kaitlin Bryson, Hollis Moore, and Molly Zimmer, Rio Grande Headwaters, Colorado

Water Remedies, Ruth Le Gear, Eastern Navajo Agency Oil and Gas Fields, New Mexico

Wild Rivers Brush, Molly Zimmer, Rio Grande de Norte National Monument, New Mexico

Ghost Bags, Hollis Moore, Lage Powell, Arizona

Illustration of Limitation, Kaitlin Bryson, Muley Point, Utah

Water/Line 1, Rachel Zollinger, Muley Point, Utah

Basecamp Graffiti, Joerael Elliot, Muley Point, Utah

Algae Hat, Hollis Moore, Valle Vidal, New Mexico

Ghost Water Tags, Hollis Moore, Valle Vidal, New Mexico

Incognito, Molly Zimmer, Valle Vidal, New Mexico

Museum of the Canyon, Annie Danis, Andrea Steves, and Rachel Zollinger, Gila, New Mexico

Journey Gila, Hollis Moore, Gila, New Mexico

Lifelines, Kaitlin Bryson, Big Bend, Texas

Border Crossing, Nancy Dewhurst, Big Bend, Texas

Pipeline, Hollis Moore, Big Bend, Texas

Erasure, Molly Zimmer, Big Bend, Texas

Human Sundial, Kaitlin Bryson, Hamshya Rajkumar, Hollis Moore, Nancy Dewhurst, Molly Zimmer, Rachel Zollinger, Andrea Steves, White Sands, New Mexico

Semaphore, Nancy Dewhurst, White Sands, New Mexico

Weaving Yucca, Kaitlin Bryson, White Sands, New Mexico

Performing Cultivation, Kaitlin Bryson, White Sands, New Mexico

Ghost Bags, Hollis Moore, White Sands, New Mexico