Land Arts of the American West is an interdisciplinary, field-based, studio art program at the University of New Mexico. During the program, students travel extensively throughout the Southwest while camping and investigating environmental sites, human habitation systems, and questions facing the region. This exhibition features culminating works by the artists – created on site or in response to their experiences out in the field.

John Sommers Gallery

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

December 4-14, 2017

Gallery Hours: 9am – 4:45pm


Adele Ardent

Issy Arnold

Viola Arduini

Alex Kinney

Ruby Pluhar

Paul Ross

Mikala Sterling

Exhibition overview

Seed Quilt, Adele Ardent

Singing To A Rock To Put Back In The Ground, Issy Arnold
rock, karaoke videos, space blanket, neon rope light, microphones, curtain hooks

Field Notes 2.0, Alex Kinney

The Fading Brightness of the Womb, Blaise Koller
salix exigua (coyote willow), fabric, human hair, soil/ Albuquerque, New Mexico

Exhibition overview

Beauty Needs Protection, Viola Arduini
grass, steel cable, photgraphic print, video

Resource Privilege: A Product of My Environment, Amy Catherine Hulshoff
cast iron tub, plaster, silicone, rubber hose, water, soil, rocks, cactus, motorized pump Borderlands Restoration Network, 2017

From You,To You, Alex Kinney

Icarus, Viola Arduini

video projection on acetate

Golden Gus, Ruby Pluhar
photographic print, 2017

Infra, Paul Ross
sound piece of various water sources

Dancing In Space, Ruby Pluhar
inkjet print on plexiglass