Land Arts of the American West provides a unique opportunity for participating artists to experience the Southwestern bioregion, environment, and communities through one-on-one experiential processes while working individually and collaboratively on creative embodied projects, research, and artistic experiments. In 2017, artists engaged in a wide variety of topics through interdisciplinary creative approaches. These included: rights of nature, more-than-human kinship, eco-critical creativity, sustainability/bioremediation, life cycles, nature + poetry, and environmental justice. The following images are in-process documents from these Field Investigations, ensuing creative research, and finished projects.

Participating Student Artists:

Viola Arduini

Isabel Arnold

Adele Ardent

Amy Hulshoff

Alex Kinney

Ruby Pluhar

Paul Ross

Mikala Sterling

Participating Santa Fe Art Institute Equal Justice Resident Artists

Syrus Marcus Ware

Melisse Watson

Gil Ngolé

Xenia Benivolski

Su-Ying Lee

LAAW student Mikala Sterling works on the ruins of a former Mining Mill in Cunningham Gulch, Colorado.

Ruby Pluhar, The Sky and The Stars, Rio Grande Headwaters, Colorado

A “drawing machine” by SFAI artist in resident Gil Ngolé

experiments in empathy, Adele Ardent and Paul Ross, Gila River, New Mexico

Viola Arduini creates a human-scale Bowerbird nest at Angel Peak, New Mexico.

Bark Sculpting, Ruby Pluhar, Angel Peak, New Mexico

Singing to the cave, Issy Arnold, Muley Point, Utah

Time-lapse watercolors of Muley Point, Utah, Mikala Sterling

Holding Water, Paul Ross and Jeanette Hartmann, Headwaters of Animas River, Colorado

Sky/Mirror, Alex Kinney

A site-specific projection by Jenn Hart-mann and Ryan Henel, Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico

Under the guidance of local artist and teacher, Orien MacDonald, LAAW students learn how to prepare yucca leaves for weaving rope, Gila, New Mexico

Blindfold Walk, Paul Ross and Adele Ardent, Muley Point, Utah

Gold and Emerald Dancer, Ruby Pluhar, Gila, New Mexico

A locally gathered food harvest arranged for a time-lapse video production, Mer-Girl Gardens, La Villita, New Mexico

Splitting Stone, Paul Ross and Viola Arduini, Muley Point, Utah.

Clouds of Colour, Ruby Pluhar, White Sands, New Mexico

Let You In, Adele Ardent, White Sands, New Mexico