LAAW and the Santa Fe Art Institute partnered for the 2016 SFAI Water Rights Residency. This provided opportunities to build solidarity and cross-pollinate concepts and creative practices related to bioregional water issues. LAAW selected three SFAI Resident artists/collectives to travel during Field Investigations in order for each to pursue bioregional research and become a part of the LAAW cohort. These artists included Joerael Elliot, Ruth Le Gear, Annie Danis, and Andrea Steves (FICTILUS). SFAI invited LAAW artists to three conversational gatherings with residents. LAAW artists also presented at SFAI140, an evening of 20 talks, 140 seconds each. Finally, LAAW artists, faculty, and SFAI visiting residents worked together to create a one-night, participatory Water Rights collaboration, called Tibutaries, at the SFAI gallery.

LAAW artists, Rachel Zollinger, Hamshya Rajkumar, and Molly Zimmer present at SFAI140, Santa Fe Art Insitute, Santa Fe, New Mexico

SFAI Visiting Artist, Joerael Elliiot, tagging the basecamp tarps, Muley Point, Utah

SFAI Visiting Artist, Ruth Le Gear, giving an evening presentation in the forest, Valle Vidal, New Mexico

SFAI Visiting Artists collective, Annie Danis and Andrea Steves (FICTILUS), working on their project The Musuem of the Canyon, Gila, New Mexico

LAAW artist, Kaitlin Bryson, presenting her work at SFAI during an evening conversational gathering with residents, Santa Fe Art Insitute, Santa Fe, New Mexico