Land Arts of the American West is an interdisciplinary, field-based, studio art program at the University of New Mexico. During the program, students travel extensively throughout the Southwest while camping and investigating environmental sites, human habitation systems, and questions facing the region. This exhibition features culminating works by the artists – created on site or in response to their experiences out in the field.

John Sommers Gallery

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

December 5-15, 2016

Gallery Hours: 9am – 4:45pm


Kaitlin Bryson

Hollis Moore

Nancy Dewhurst

Hamshya Rajkumar

Molly Zimmer

Rachel Zollinger

Exhibition overview

Exhibition overview

Water, I express our kinship, Durational participatory performance, Hamshya Rajkumar

The role of the Water attendant:
I collected water from the Rio Grande
I sit in the exhibition with the bowl of river water
I ask people if they would give up a tear for the river
I inform them onions to assist with the creation of tears
I collect their tears as they cry into a vial
I pass them the vial, and ask them to say
“Water, I express our kinship” as they pour their tear into a bowl
I ask them if they would join me on a walk to return our water back to the river
I pass them a note with the details of the walk as a reminder


Machine, Nancy Dewhurst, video, text, cane, grass

Confluence, Kaitlin Bryson, HD video compilation (00:04:37), terracotta bowls, river water

Rio Grande Memorial Project, Rachel Zollinger, aluminum, litho transfer print, wood, Rio Grande waters, jars

Yellow river, Hollis Moore, interactive installation

Sporulation|Release, Kaitlin Bryson, archival inkjet print
To Maintain (itself) by Self-Sown Seeds, Kaitlin Bryson, archival inkjet print

Gila River Source to Sea, Hollis Moore, hand-made maps

Rio Grande River Poems Series, Molly Zimmer, drawings from Rio Grande Headwaters, CO, Wild Rivers, NM, Big Bend State Park, TX

Sediment, Kaitlin Bryson, durational performance, sandstone, basalt, river water

Residue of a Journey, Hollis Moore