CB Bryan
Valle Vidal, New Mexico
September 2015

….Here I am — in this shallow arroyo bed. Always drawn to where water once flowed. Often no evidence except for how the sand has been carved. I found this cut down stump — remnants of a tree, also in some ways, where water once flowed. Upon encountering said stump, still rooted. I think about the life it has grown to have and maybe how it’s over except to give me a seat in the shade.



August 17 – 23: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 24 – 27: San Rafael Swell, Utah
August 28 – 29: Horseshoe Canyon, Utah
August 30-31: Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona
September 1 – 6: Cebolla Canyon, New Mexico
September 17 – 21: El Vado, New Mexico
September 22 – 25: Four Corners area, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah
September 26 – 30: Valle Vidal, New Mexico
October 9 – 15: Gila River Collaborative Project, New Mexico
October 16 – 20: Big Bend/Rio Grande, Texas
October 21 – 22: White Sands, New Mexico


Guests scholars and artist included: Etta Arviso, Subhankar Banerjee, Malcolm Benally, Alan Boldon, Larry Emerson, John Fleck, Carol Fugagli, Alicia Guzman, Orien MacDonald, John Reid, Anna Rondon, Teri Rueb

Land Arts 2015 began with a tour of Glen Canyon Dam and surrounding Lake Powell, which provided insight into the politics, economics and environmental impacts of the human controls exerted over the highly contested waters of the Colorado River.

Land Arts then engaged in an extensive survey of the extractive industries in the Four Corners region. Led by Dine activists, students visited and documented sites of uranium, coal, oil and gas extraction.

Valle Vidal was a “work site” where students had the time and space to explore and make art in response to the environment of northern New Mexico.

Land Arts students collaborated with artist Orien MacDonald and river ecologist Carol Fugagli in conjunction with the US Department of Art and Culture to develop a work in response to a proposed diversion of the Gila River.

Journal Entry

CB Bryan

Site: White Sands

Date: 10/22/15

…This site is a last hurrah for us. When we leave white sands, we won’t be returning to the field as this group. Maybe this is the perfect place for us to finish off, it feels almost limitless…..

Land Arts of the American West 2015 Exhibition