Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm, Anton Chico and Gathering for Mother Earth, Pojoaque, NM – 2012

Land Arts of the American West spent the last week of the first Watershed journey in a collaborative, hands-on creative project led by Land Arts Co-Director, Jeanette Hart-Mann, at her living experimental poly-culture farm, Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm (FPCRFarm), in Anton Chico, NM. Using this time as research into the practice of everyday agri-Culture, students then worked alongside Jeanette Hart-Mann’s and Chrissie Orr’s collective project, SeedBroadcast and the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station at Pojoaque Gathering for Mother Earth to engage event visitors in agri-Cultural investigations, record audio seed stories, and distribute these recordings through the SeedBroadcast open source media networks.

Jeanette Hart-Mann talks about how SeedBroadcast and the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station operate

LAAW students, Chitra Sangtani and Lara Goldmann, organize seeds from the FPCRFarm Archive in preparation for distribution at the Gathering for Mother Earth

LAAW student, Randal Romwalter, engages visitors at the seed SWAP table

SeedBroadcast seed SWAP table with seeds, drawing materials, and free agri-Culture Journals

LAAW student Liz Shores listens to a visitor share her story inside the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station

LAAW student Marz Shuster prepares to record a seed story from Alan Sutherland

SeedBroadcaster, Chrissie Orr and LAAW student Marz Shuster edit seed stories and post these to the SeedBroadcast media network.