Cabinetlandia, Deming, NM – 2006

Land Arts students collaborated on a project to create an ARTL!ES archive at Cabinetlandia, near Deming, NM. This involved exchanging 51 issues of ARTL!ES journals for stories from local residents. The stories were then broadcast via a mobile audio tower into the surrounding landscape.

Land Arts base camp at Cabinetlandia, 2006


Nicole E Danti
Cabinetlandia, Deming, NM
October 09, 2006

… the world is so huge why not stories from this town in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere in the middle of absolutely the last place on earth anyone would go and they love us and we love them and how did we make this happen and thank god we did because it proves that you can do any- thing you want and damn it this is still America and how did we get so separated from this, our roots our people just everyday life and the time that endures it doesnʼt resonate any longer yet it still endures I guess in a cave or at least in the dark recesses of our collective minds we just donʼt share but this, this proves something…

Land Arts students organizing the journal exchange, 2006

Deming residents exchanging stories for copies of ARTL!ES, 2006

Students editing and compiling audio, 2006

Raising the audio tower, 2006

Mobile audio projection of stories into the landscape, 2006