Ben Schoenburg

Gila, New Mexico

Connecting one watercourse to another
disparate ideas following circuitous routes
to eventually merge into a larger river of knowledge
seeing where randomly occurring check dams made by nature have seeded vegetative growth.


August 24 – 30: Muley Point, Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

August 31 – September 6: Greater Chaco Region, New Mexico

September 16 – 22: Seed: Climate Change Resilience, Anton Chico + Albuquerque Museum, New Mexico

September 23 – 29: Valle Vidal, Northern Carson National Forest, New Mexico

October 8 – 14: Borderlands Restoration, Cuenca Los Ojos, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

October 15 – 22: Turkey Creek, Gila Wilderness, New Mexico


Craig Allen, Mario Atencio, Scott Chasky, Valer Clark, Cuenca Los Ojos, Sunny Dooley, Josie Lopez, Todd Miller, Orien MacDonald, Sarah Montgomery, Allegra Mount, Perin McNelis, Cheryl Pailzote, Jose Manuel Perez, Kendra Pinto, Samuel Sage, Elaine Shendo, Daniel Tso, Denyce White, Jonah Yellowman, Rachel Zollinger, Nancy Zastudil


Borderlands Restoration Network, Utah Diné Bikéyah

As part of an ongoing investigation into the Four Corners region, LAAW continued its work with the Greater Chaco Coalition and local Diné activist Daniel Tso. This year’s students created short, informational animation videos to convey the devestating effects of fracking on the land and people.

LAAW visited an experimental farm in Anton Chico, New Mexico to learn about principles of agroecology. Students then developed performances and a seed exhange in conjunction with an exhibition at the Albuquerque Musuem.

LAAW partnered with Borderlands Restoration Network and the Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation located in the Chiricahua Mountain range to learn hands-on methods of habitat restoration.

Out Into the the Field – LAAW artists experiment with creative process, performance, and embodied research across bioregional field investigation sites.

Video, performance, and time-based works from 2019 LAAW artists.

2019 Land Arts of the American West Exhibition at the University of New Mexico, John Sommers Gallery featuring culminating works from participating artists.