In a continuing collaboration with Borderlands Restoration Network, this year Land Arts of the American West artists visited the Cuenca Los Ojos habitat restoration project located in the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona. Hosted by Valer Clark, the founder of the organization and joined by Perin McNelis and Allegra Mount form Borderlands Restoration Network, LAAW students engaged in site visits, habitat orientations and restoration projects.


Land Arts of the American West

Borderlands Restoration Network / Perin McNelis / Allegra Mount

Cuenca Los Ojos / Valer Clark

One of the many restored wetland habitats in the conservation area located in the arid Chiricuhua Mountain Range.

First order of business is setting-up the Land Arts basecamp kitchen tent at the site.

Borderlands Restoration Network’s Perin McNelis provides a site orientation, explaining the location of the Chiricahua Mountains in relation of the Madrean Sky Island Archipelago.

Cuenca Los Ojos founder, Valer Clark leads LAAW students through a day long tour of the conversation area.

Much of the habitat restoration includes reintroduction of native plant species to help foster healthy soild and a biodiverse environment. Another methodolgy employed on site is the creation of rock dams, gabions and other terra forming techniques to retain water and prevent erosion.

Borderlands Restoration Network’s Allegra Mount and Perin McNelis shows LAAW students how to make seed balls for restablishing native plants in project areas.

LAAW students forage rocks to build a series of check dams and swales at a restoration site.

An example of the verdant flora that can exist in a restored valley.

With every Land Arts field investigation, time is set aside for individual research, reflection and creative production.

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