nicholas b. jacobsen

The Rio Grande Headwaters, Colorado

September 2018

To be so embedded in and permeated by this place,

I felt so full.

To be tired and sore sliding back down the gravel topped humus slopes,

I felt complete.

To be lost and surprised and alone and surrounded,

I expanded and felt clear.


August 25: Farm Visit, Anton Chico, New Mexico

August 27 – 31: Design + Build Garden, Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 3 – 9: Rio Grande Headwaters, San Juan National Forest, Colorado

September 10 – 16: Wild Rivers, Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico

September 24 – 30: Greater Chaco Region, Angel Peak, New Mexico

October 1 – 8: Muley Point and Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

October 15 – 21: Borderlands Restoration, Patagonia, Arizona

October 22 – 27: Turkey Creek, Gila, New Mexico

October 28 – 30: White Sands, New Mexico


Mario Atencio, Tiana Baca, Borderlands Restoration Network, Asha Canalos, Francisco Cantú, L.E.A.P/NeoRio, Francisco Letelier, Christine Mackey, Perin McNelis, Sarah Montgomery, Daniel Tso, Beata Tsosie-Peña, Karima Walker, Jonah Yellowman

In conjunction with Seed BroadCast’s exhibition “Seed: Climate Change Resilience,” LAAW worked with 7th regen and local farmers to produce and on-growing project at the Albuquerque Museum.

The L.E.A.P (Land, Experience, Art of Place) organization invited LAAW to participate in its NeoRio art event at Wild Rivers, part of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

As part of a multi-year investigation into the Four Corners region, LAAW worked with local Diné activist Daniel Tso to witness the effects of fracking on the environment and community in the region. These experiences culminated in a collaborative zine project led by activist and artist, Asha Canalos.

LAAW visited Muley Point, Utah, part of the Bears Ears National Monument, currently under threat of being significantly reduced in scale. During our visit, we met with Jonah Yellowman, Utah Diné Bikéyah Spiritual Leader and Artist, to discuss the struggle to protect these lands.

LAAW partnered with Borderlands Restoration Network, writer Francisco Cantú, and artist Karima Walker for a project on the US-Mexico border, which concluded in an exhibition on the relationships between bats, borders, agave, and humans.

Out Into the the Field – LAAW artists experiment with creative process, performance, and embodied research across bioregional field investigation sites.

Video, performance, and time-based works from 2018 LAAW artists.

2018 Land Arts of the American West Exhibition at the University of New Mexico, John Sommers Gallery featuring culminating works from participating artists.