2021 / Fall


In the fall of 2021 LAAW students camped out at HawkMoth Farm in Anton Chico, NM to get hands-on experience exploring creative agroecologies. They spent time picking vegetables, nixtamalizing corn, and preparing food together while making experimental art and meditating on the concept of a Food Shed. Reaching out to nearby farmers, residents, and a local farmers market, LAAW organized a socially engaged art project and series of collaborative community banners to celebrate food, farming, and land within the community of Las Vegas, NM. These banners were generated by photographs the students took at local farms and also included images of objects and photographs that local residents shared and which portrayed personal experiences of “querencia,” or love of land. The banners were installed during a community gathering at the the Tierra Encantada Farmers Market on December 4, 2022.

Artists + Collaborators:

Greta Gannon

Xam Oaks

Glyn Wilson-Charles

Arthur Dobree

Samantha Stroud

Charles Scott

Stephan Lopez

Jessica Metz

Delphinio and Marianetta Velasquez

Tony Gallegos

Red Barn Farm

LK Swine

Tierra Encantada Farmers Market

Land Arts of the American West