2022 / Spring


Artists in the Land Arts of the American West (LAAW) program are proud to present “Confluence: Tracing Water through Creative Exchange”, an exhibition of collaborative and individual artistic responses to place-based research and engagement with the Middle Rio Grande and Gila River watersheds.

This spring, artists met with water-based activists and artists, as well as spent time listening to and observing various river points throughout New Mexico. These interactions allowed LAAW students to engage critically and sensorially with the ways humans have and continue to intervene with water and the inevitable consequences of these interventions.

A universal sentiment was shared by those who are dedicated to protecting water: that as humans, we urgently need to acknowledge the agency of water. The work generated throughout the semester dips its toes into the recognition of watersheds as living organisms rather than opportunities for extraction. So, with that, these various artworks hope to shed some light on the way water exists as a lifeform and how we must learn to be in better relation to its flow.

Join us at Bachechi Open Space Center on May 6th from 6-9 pm for a presentation of works that engage with the multi-layered optics and histories of river-specific landscapes. Come ready to listen, breathe, and recalibrate your idea of water.

Bachechi Open Space

Albuquerque, NM

May 6, 2022

6-9 PM


Eleonora Edreva

Lillian Estes

Greta Gannon

Jessica Metz

Sofia Mendez Subieta

Adelaide Theriault

Leo Williams

Cameron Zarrabzadeh